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PNG Selects New Executive Director

Succeeding acclaimed, retiring leader Robert Brueggeman

Business executive and lifelong numismatist John Feigenbaum has been selected by the Professional Numismatists Guild Board of Directors to become the non-profit organization’s next Executive Director. He will begin a transition period in January with PNG’s long-time Executive Director Robert Brueggeman who will be retiring in 2023 after 28 years.

NCBA Executive Director Named One of the Most Influential People in Numismatics

NCBA Executive Director, David Crenshaw, has been selected as one of Coin World Annual’s “Most Influential People in Numismatics” for the 2022 edition of the list. Honorees are chosen from hundreds of influencers who have contributed to the numismatic hobby in a variety of ways—as collectors, dealers, authors, artists, graders, journalists, Mint officials, and so on—and voted on by thousands of Coin World readers. According to CWA publisher Rick Amos, “[Our honorees] are disrupters, creators, organizers, marketers, fixers, doers, problem-solvers, writers, and innovators that have contributed in some meaningful way to this multi-billion-dollar industry that we all enjoy so much.” 

At a young age, David Crenshaw realized the potential of numismatics. He grabbed his first Whitman blue folder and began filling it with coins. As a teenager, he parlayed his knowledge of coins and interest in error coins and began a mail-order business that sold error coins, products featured in his own catalog called “Nobody’s Perfect.”

NCBA Chair Named 2022 Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year

The American Numismatic Association has named John Brush the 2022 Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year. Presented annually, the award honors a professional numismatist who shows uncommon dedication to strengthening the hobby and the ANA, exhibits high ethical standards and integrity, and treats all members of the numismatic community and the public fairly and consistently.

Volunteer State Ends Tax on Coins, Currency, and Bullion

Tennessee has gained a complete sales-tax exemption on the retail sales of coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion. On April 27, 2022, the Tennessee House substituted Senate Bill 1857: Exempts certain sales of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bullion from the sales and use tax, for House Bill 1874, and passed Senate Bill 1857. The Senate concurred on April 28, 2022. The exemption will take effect upon receiving the governor’s signature or 10 days after it reached the governor’s desk if he takes no action.

Alabama Bill Amends Bullion Definition, Extends Expiration Date, and Repeals Reporting Requirements

In the summer of 2016, Phil Darby (J & P Coins and Currency) and Steve Caiola (Alabama Gold Refinery) started collaborating with the National Coin & Bullion Association on a campaign to obtain a statewide coin, currency, and precious-metals bullion sales-tax exemption. Darby and Caiola hired Graham Champion (Public Strategies, Montgomery, AL) as the campaign’s lobbyist.

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